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magic (n.) Look up magic at Dictionary.comlate 14c., “art of influencing events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces,” from Old French magique “magic, magical,” from Late Latin magice “sorcery, magic,” from Greek magike (presumably with tekhne “art”), fem. of magikos “magical,” from magos “one of the members of the learned and priestly class,” from Old Persian magush, which is possibly from PIE root *magh- “to be able, have power.”


Land, Sky, Sea: Elements from a Druid Perspective

In most things “Druid” there are multiple vantage points in which to look at any one thing; whereas the “Classical Elements”, such as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water can be used to describe either the physical characteristics, energies, or feel of an item, and Spirit or Aether to apply to the spiritual component. Land, Sea, and Sky incorporate the spiritual as well as physical components in a different manner. Lets say we were speaking of a stream; in “Classical Elements” we would say that this is definitely the Water element and that it also has an Aether energy as well. Land, Sea, and Sky works very much in the same manner; This same stream has a form or shape that is fluid and adheres to that of its container; this would be the Land portion of the ratio. This stream also has a movement, its current, its erosion of its container, the pull or rather push of gravitational forces; this would be the Sea portion. This stream amongst the other two, has an essence, a consciousness, and experience, or perspective of its own, this is its life force as well as its Sky portion of the ratio. With the Land, Sea, Sky scenario all things are made up of ratios of these three components, no matter how much or how little, they are ever present. My personal system uses both systems together to allow a more detailed vision of nature, with Land, Sea, Sky taking on the physical, emotional, and spiritual portions into consideration equally. It allows for the addition of motivators, natural action / behavior, flow / movement, solidity / form, conscious / natural order instead of just the physical characteristics. I wouldn’t call it sterile at all when taking the different aspects all into consideration as complete.

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I have a friend who follows a Druidic path in his spiritual journey.  He is often talking about the elements in terms of these three components: land, sky, and the sea. For me it seems to be missing an element, but I wanted to understand more from where he was coming from.  There are other cultures that include other elements into their belief system. Chinese perspective has additional elements like wood and metal, many pagans who subscribe to the pentacle as a symbol include spirit as the top element of the pentacle’s point.  What is so different on this Druidic path that incorporates the entirety of the elements in only three areas?  This I needed to look into further to truly understand.

The pagan world often refers to the three worlds of the Druid path as the Celtic elements, allowing for sky to be made up of fire and air…

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Take a plunge, down deep with me

Cold soft thoughts below the sea

Not quite formed, not quite real

Flowing forth with certain zeal


A container, a vessel

Which one of you may go?

Currents Pulling to and fro

Virgin thoughts o now be vestal


Tension of the great below

Manifesting of my soul

Waves break pebble laden shores

Kiss the sun these words are born

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Hypnotic trance of presence

Clerical wisdom of a magick-man

Yet the walking dead harvest another soul

Unknowingly, undeserving; she was sacrificed

A true lady, her hands tied

By the AIDS of death, she died.

Copyright 2016 Jason J. Walton

Protection: Body

I’d like to discuss a topic that seems to be overlooked in the community as a whole. One doesn’t go outside during the harshness of winter improperly dressed, so I think that this idea should be reflected in our Spiritual lives as well. Along with being well grounded, physical maintenance of the body through exercise, and good hygiene; both physical and spiritually, personal protection is the next single greatest skill to master. There are several ways in which people imbue their bodies with protection of the Self; from visiting sacred spaces and connecting to protective energies through contemplation, to wearing of sacred garb and symbols, and use of prayer and enchantment.

The first I would like to speak about is visiting sacred sites, spaces, or temples. Going to a sacred resource such as a great tree, a sacred well or river, a mound or stone circle; is a great way to connect to the natural environment and soak in protective energies. Meditating, contemplating, praying, and chanting are common ways to accomplish this connection.

Next I will speak of ceremonial pieces we may wear. In some practices people will cover themselves with special clothes, anoint will special oils and wear certain symbols that provide specific protections while they worship or perform specific rituals. Some examples would be; Ceremonial Robes, Holy Water (Water Blessed by a member of Clergy), and symbols such as the Circle, Cross, Pentacle…

I know this is only a touch on the subject for now, but I will be revisiting in future posts.

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