Take a plunge, down deep with me

Cold soft thoughts below the sea

Not quite formed, not quite real

Flowing forth with certain zeal


A container, a vessel

Which one of you may go?

Currents Pulling to and fro

Virgin thoughts o now be vestal


Tension of the great below

Manifesting of my soul

Waves break pebble laden shores

Kiss the sun these words are born

Copyright 2016 Jason J Walton



Hypnotic trance of presence

Clerical wisdom of a magick-man

Yet the walking dead harvest another soul

Unknowingly, undeserving; she was sacrificed

A true lady, her hands tied

By the AIDS of death, she died.

Copyright 2016 Jason J. Walton

New Beginning

Dark or Light; All the Spectrum.
Harmony and Discord; Perspective.
Portals are vibrations, we the orchestra.
Who sings the song; key of the mound.
Destruction and Creation; Binaries cycle bound.
A storm weathered when shelter’s found.


@copyright Jason J. Walton