The Masculine and Feminine Mysteries

I have seen mention of the Sage being equal to the Crone and I want to illustrate some important differences between the women’s mysteries and that of the mens; of which I prefer to call the Masculine and Feminine Mysteries as it actually makes more sense to some.

Unlike the Maiden, Mother, Crone situation where the female actually endures sacrifice of the past stage and an eventual embrace of the next. The Masculine Mystery requires no such loss of self. When a Man moves from Boy to Man, he retains all that which he possessed as a boy with only further clarity as to how the world works; until at some point his experiences and accomplishments are the totality of his existence. The Sage carries the wisdom of self, and the community as a single group identity and how to deal with others; this includes defense of the tribe, procuring technologies, and diplomacy in foreign affairs.

When a Woman transitions from Maiden to a Mother; she becomes an entirely different person, her motivations and goals are altered in very profound ways, as is the case from Mother to Crone. By this time a woman has lived multiple lives, that have overlapped and she is a combination of the experiences of her self, as three entirely different people. as well as the lives of all of her children. and her children’s children. This is why the Crone is renowned in her quality of wisdom. She was the decider of domestic affairs, the matriarch, and a seeker of justice. The Crone is the embodiment of the tribe, clan, and coven.

While the Sage and the Crone are Equal in many ways, they have different focuses and duties to the clan and are very different in energy as well as experience. They provide a balancing effect as well as foundation for the tribe, clan, or coven.

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Earth is the very ground we walk upon, the single force preventing us from falling through the cosmos, the foundation from which our perception of the universe is firmly placed.  It is the power of shape, form, and physical boundaries, that which takes the most effort to change. It is the home we share with the rest of nature; representative of all things material and the basis of the sense of touch.

Earth is seen as the womb of life, the protective shelter, the great mother. From it all of our food and sustenance, tools and raw materials derive. This womb is where we have a shared physical existence with all other perceived life, be it plant or animal, until this physical life ends.

Since Earth is seen as a symbol for all things material, it is associated with wealth and our possessions. Being the basis of our physical lives and source of all things we think of as natural it is symbolic of health and healing. Is also the archetype of stability and the foundation on which we build all things.

@Copyright 2016 Jason J. Walton

Contemplate the different ideas presented here, what is Earth really? What does it represent to you? I look forward to any questions or comments. Thanks for reading.