Fire of Your Soul

Fleeting glance; Fire of the iris;

Take a chance; Infected with your virus.

Like flames dance, consumed without bias.

Hi, whats your name? Lets try us!

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Intermediate Grounding Exercise

Grounding is a very important fundamental skill for practitioners of any path. Building on my informational post titled Grounding I would like to share an Intermediate Exercise.  This Exercise will include a simple form of discursive meditation. The idea behind this form of meditation is to chew up your thoughts; basically recognize and organize them for future contemplation. In my Grounding article I introduced the idea of using the senses to reinforce this connection to the firm foundation of earth and the other elements. In Grounding we commonly imagine or visualize a cord coming from the Root Chakra or base of the spine, associated with the Element of Earth and pushing our excess energies, thoughts, and emotions down via the cord deep into the core of the Earth itself. What I would like to add today is a way to process that information (energies, thoughts, emotions) into a useful tool for self reflection and organization.

  • Drink a simple glass of water to hydrate and reinforce the idea flowing.
  • Get comfortable with good posture allowing your spine to be straight.
  • Breathe; in a threefold manner; three seconds inhale, three hold, three exhale.
  • Continuing with the power of Breath; Slowly pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, focus on what you notice with your five physical senses.
  • Let stray thoughts and feelings flow down your spine, the cord, and deep into the core of the Earth.
  • Continue this process for as long as you can, stopping when you can hold the focus for around 15 minutes.
  • Drink Water

Please feel free to provide feedback on your experiences, and ask any questions that you may have.

@copyright Jason J. Walton

Advanced Cleansing Exercise

In our advanced grounding exercise we covered breathing in air and using it to reinforce the idea of drawing in energy through visualization, as well as connecting a grounding cord to the center of the earth and using it to drain off excess or unwanted energies and thoughts. We also discussed the threefold breathing method of inhale three seconds, hold three seconds, release three seconds.

In cleansing we talked about using different elemental energies and methods. We also covered the aspects of things, self, and space in relation to land, sea, and sky.

For the advanced exercise in cleansing there are few different concepts I would like to introduce.

  1. When drawing from the ground through the cord, you are connecting with the element of Earth. At the same time, inhale, you are connecting with the energy of the Air element.  Allow those energies to swirl together in the solar-plexus, the area just above belly, when you hold the breath. Draw the energies from both of these elements at the same time, being mindful of the elemental aspects of this blend, earth and air. When you exhale; push that swirling energy out from your center so that the swirling ball continues to grow, containing all the negativity as you continue to push with your solar-plexus, expelling your full breath.  Continue to do this, each time expanding the size of your energy ball until it not only is larger than your body, but also fills the room.
  2. Now try it again, but this time add the element of Fire by envisioning the energy and heat of the sunlight coming down and into your crown, or the top of your head. At the same time, pull in the element of Water by visualizing the emotional connection of your environment, a flood of emotion, if you will,  around you through  your heart.  Like before, allow these energies to swirl together in the solar-plexus, while being mindful of the elemental aspects of the blend of fire and water.  Again, push this swirling energy out from your center until it carries the negativity out past your body and expands to the edges of your space.
  3. Now let’s put steps one and two together, using all four elements simultaneously to wash all negativity away from both body and your surrounding environment and fill the space with pure, cleansed elemental energy.
  4. Now that yourself and area have been sufficiently cleansed of negative influences, free the energy of your control and let it disperse naturally and proceed to ground.

By using these advanced techniques of cleansing, incorporating the elements, you are able to build upon a foundation of cleansing procedures that will enable you to handle any situation you may encounter. Maintaining adequate energetic hygiene, will allow your magical workings, as well as your general well being to operate at their most optimum levels.

@copyright Jason J. Walton


When it comes to Cleansing there are three different aspects to consider and I personally equate them to Land, Sea, and Sky. Land being things that have form; physical possesions, property, and physical body. Sea being things that have movement; energy paths and the spirit body… Sky being your spaces and influences.

I work alot with elements so this is the approach I take with cleansing by relating each of the aspects to how they can be cleansed with the elements.

Land or Physical Form

  • Earth: Salt, Red Brick Dust, and Live Ivy at entrances…
  • Fire: Smudging with herbs such as; Various Sages, Cedar, Lavender…
  • Air: Inscenses and Fragrant Oils such as; Cypress, Juniper Berry, Lemon, Mint…
  • Water: Simple Rinse, Submersion, Rainfall, Snow…

Sea or Movement

  • Earth: Filtering through Sand, Glass, Crystals…
  • Fire: Heating to Boiling Point or Desired Temperature…
  • Air: Cleansing Fragrances…
  • Water: Freezing…

Air or Space

  • Earth: Crystals, Herbs, Their Respective Grids…
  • Fire: Use of Light, Color…
  • Air: Fragrances, Sounds, Music…
  • Water: Sprinkling, Vials of Sacred Or Charged Water…

@copyright Jason J. Walton


Using the five physical senses when grounding is very effective, and the senses themselves are commonly associated with the elementals.  Below you find the correspondenses I use, there are of course different thoughts on the subject.

Sense => Element Table

Earth Touch
Fire Sight
Air Hearing
Water Taste/Smell

Keeping the previous table in mind; there are many ways to use different elements and the senses for grounding. For instance, blue and green are calming, balancing colors associated with earth and water respectively; red and yellow, fire and air. By adding a colored glass to your environment, you can effect water or even by enjoying a calming cup of tea, put on some relaxing music or natural sounds and you are pulling in the element of air. Burn lavender, jasmine, or other soothing incense to connect with fire, even using colored or white candles can be great ways of bringing fire elements into a grounding ritual. Get in a comfortable position on a nice soft upright chair, surround yourself with some of these suggestions, and grounding can be an almost effortless event.

@copyright Jason J. Walton

Advanced Grounding Exercise

This is an exercise I have worked out to “Ground”. It can be done at any time of the day and modified to work with virtually any physical activity or even without it. I incorporated the activity in this way to mentally link the physical world to the mental process in a practical way.

It is important to drink water at the beginning to help with the rejuvenation of the body and mind. As the human body is 65% water on average; in the brain, heart and lungs this is considerably higher. It is very important to stay hydrated, especially when doing any physical activity.

Breathing is also very important, as it is a very physical reminder of energy flow and of course an essential way that we replenish oxygen in our bodies. Controlled breathing also helps us to set the pace and be mindful of our surroundings.

Many have put to use visualization techniques of creating an energy ball and worked with energy at different levels, but more at a later time. Picture energy as the path of your thoughts and senses like an electric fire.

In preparation all you will need is access to water for both before and after, as well as a place to walk around, preferably outdoors.

  1. Drink your glass of water.
  2. Adjust your breathing so that you are inhaling for roughly three seconds, holding for three, and exhaling for three.
  3. Picture an empty ball of energy in front of you like the energy is flowing from your hands, merely to hold the shape in your mind.
  4. Your walk should be planned to take no more than 15 minutes.
  5. It is time to begin your walk or other activity, continue to breath and hold the shape of the ball.
  6. What I want you to pay attention to is everything that you can observe with your five physical senses.
    • The sights
    • The smells
    • The tastes in your mouth
    • The sounds you hear
    • The temperature and sensations you feel
  7. When you notice these things occurring let them float in your mind and then let them drift out of focus.
  8. When you notice other thoughts, let them move down to your hands and into the ball, letting it get heavier and more dense as you walk.
  9. When you return from your walk, get your other glass of water.
  10. As you drink your water; picture it washing the ball clean again and all those thoughts drifting in the current down your earthing cord and into the earth until the energy ball is completely gone. Feel the weight lifted off of you as this happens.


Special thanks to Errin for helping me work out the visualization.

@copyright Jason J. Walton