The Masculine and Feminine Mysteries

I have seen mention of the Sage being equal to the Crone and I want to illustrate some important differences between the women’s mysteries and that of the mens; of which I prefer to call the Masculine and Feminine Mysteries as it actually makes more sense to some.

Unlike the Maiden, Mother, Crone situation where the female actually endures sacrifice of the past stage and an eventual embrace of the next. The Masculine Mystery requires no such loss of self. When a Man moves from Boy to Man, he retains all that which he possessed as a boy with only further clarity as to how the world works; until at some point his experiences and accomplishments are the totality of his existence. The Sage carries the wisdom of self, and the community as a single group identity and how to deal with others; this includes defense of the tribe, procuring technologies, and diplomacy in foreign affairs.

When a Woman transitions from Maiden to a Mother; she becomes an entirely different person, her motivations and goals are altered in very profound ways, as is the case from Mother to Crone. By this time a woman has lived multiple lives, that have overlapped and she is a combination of the experiences of her self, as three entirely different people. as well as the lives of all of her children. and her children’s children. This is why the Crone is renowned in her quality of wisdom. She was the decider of domestic affairs, the matriarch, and a seeker of justice. The Crone is the embodiment of the tribe, clan, and coven.

While the Sage and the Crone are Equal in many ways, they have different focuses and duties to the clan and are very different in energy as well as experience. They provide a balancing effect as well as foundation for the tribe, clan, or coven.

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Basic Cleansing Exercise

In our Basic Grounding Exercise I said that it was a fundamental skill, and that it was a general practice of cleansing to remove excess thoughts, feelings, and energies. Our purpose today is to add a new layer, instead of just letting those loose ideas fall off, we are going to rinse it away. If you find a tough spot, feel free to scrub a little.

  • Drink water
  • Start a threefold breath; 3 seconds each; inhale, hold, exhale
  • Visualize or Imagine a cord attached to the base of your spine for males, ovaries for females (Root Chakra) and connecting to the core of the earth
  • Visualize a white or golden rain falling over you like a waterfall or shower
  • When you inhale, feel energy coming in at both your feet from the earth (land), and the top of your head from the sun and/or wind (sky)
  • As you hold the breath, feel the two different currents merge in your center (sea)
  • When you exhale, feel the shower wash you off and drain through your grounding cord as you ground normally, releasing your excess thoughts, feelings, and energies
  • Drink water

We have introduced a few new ideas today; layering (building similar intentions on top of each other), cleansing (cleaning away, on top of letting go of excess), merging of energies from the land and sky and allowing them to swirl together into a single current within your center as the sea.

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Any questions or feedback regarding this exercise are of course welcomed

Advanced Cleansing Exercise

In our advanced grounding exercise we covered breathing in air and using it to reinforce the idea of drawing in energy through visualization, as well as connecting a grounding cord to the center of the earth and using it to drain off excess or unwanted energies and thoughts. We also discussed the threefold breathing method of inhale three seconds, hold three seconds, release three seconds.

In cleansing we talked about using different elemental energies and methods. We also covered the aspects of things, self, and space in relation to land, sea, and sky.

For the advanced exercise in cleansing there are few different concepts I would like to introduce.

  1. When drawing from the ground through the cord, you are connecting with the element of Earth. At the same time, inhale, you are connecting with the energy of the Air element.  Allow those energies to swirl together in the solar-plexus, the area just above belly, when you hold the breath. Draw the energies from both of these elements at the same time, being mindful of the elemental aspects of this blend, earth and air. When you exhale; push that swirling energy out from your center so that the swirling ball continues to grow, containing all the negativity as you continue to push with your solar-plexus, expelling your full breath.  Continue to do this, each time expanding the size of your energy ball until it not only is larger than your body, but also fills the room.
  2. Now try it again, but this time add the element of Fire by envisioning the energy and heat of the sunlight coming down and into your crown, or the top of your head. At the same time, pull in the element of Water by visualizing the emotional connection of your environment, a flood of emotion, if you will,  around you through  your heart.  Like before, allow these energies to swirl together in the solar-plexus, while being mindful of the elemental aspects of the blend of fire and water.  Again, push this swirling energy out from your center until it carries the negativity out past your body and expands to the edges of your space.
  3. Now let’s put steps one and two together, using all four elements simultaneously to wash all negativity away from both body and your surrounding environment and fill the space with pure, cleansed elemental energy.
  4. Now that yourself and area have been sufficiently cleansed of negative influences, free the energy of your control and let it disperse naturally and proceed to ground.

By using these advanced techniques of cleansing, incorporating the elements, you are able to build upon a foundation of cleansing procedures that will enable you to handle any situation you may encounter. Maintaining adequate energetic hygiene, will allow your magical workings, as well as your general well being to operate at their most optimum levels.

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Balancing Stone Satchel

This is a very well balanced stone satchel or crystal pouch that will help to bring overall balance to your ventures. I would suggest cleansing with cold running water, idealy from a creek or river at a location that you find to be spiritual and that has been blessed and honored. whatever pouch you use should be cleansed via smudge or inscense. I leave the charging and/or blessing to you.

Clear Calcite



  • powerful amplifier
  • cleanser of energy
  • grounding
  • brings joy and light heartedness
  • balance emotions
  • boosts memory
  • calms mind
  • alleviates stress
  • enhances trust in self
  • overcome setbacks
  • connecting emotions with intellect
  • overcome laziness
  • increases and stimulates your energy
  • links to higher consciousness
  • aides spiritual development


  • All




  • gentle, calming, uplifting energy
  • harmonious balance and alignment
  • reveals truth
  • resolve conflict
  • promotes purity of heart
  • attracts good fortune
  • environment cleanser
  • soft positive energy
  • access angelic realm
  • spiritual development
  • enlightenment


  • Throat
  • Crown

Green Aventurine



  • positive, easy going attitude
  • balances male / female energies
  • joy, happiness and emotional tranquillity
  • aligns centers
  • purifies the physical, mental and emotional bodies
  • health and well being
  • compassion and empathy
  • calms anger
  • stimulates our mind, creativity, motivation, and independence
  • protects against electromagnetic energy
  • protects against environmental pollution
  • stone of prosperity


  • Heart


Green Jade



  • powerful emotional balancer
  • nurturing and bringing peace and purity into your life
  • removing negative thoughts and energy
  • radiates the divine
  • promotes
    • unconditional love
    • serenity
    • clarity of mind
    • courage
    • wisdom
  • luck
  • prosperity
  • friendship
  • dreams enhancer
  • awaken hidden knowledge
  • keeps you from harm


  • Heart

Red Jasper



  • represents earth
  • grounding stone
  • stability
  • balance
  • warms / enlivens will
  • stress
  • tranquillity
  • wholeness
  • stimulates energy
  • face problems
  • worries
  • calms emotions


  • Base (Root)

Desert Jasper



  • represents earth
  • grounding stone
  • stability
  • balance
  • balances vibrations / emotional energies of body
  • very nurturing
  • balances assertiveness / sensitivity
  • tranquillity
  • wholeness
  • sustaining / supporting times of stress


  • Base (Root)
  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus




  • highly mystical
  • protective stone
  • mind / body
  • increases energy
  • clarifies thought processes
  • bringer of light
  • meditation
  • directs energy intensely
  • connect to high self
  • seek spiritual purpose
  • clear / protect aura
  • intuition
  • raises consciousness
  • connect to universal energy
  • transformation
  • reflection
  • shows true intension


  • Heart
  • Third Eye
  • Crown

Shiva Lingam



  • Hindu God Shiva
  • activate movement of sacred energy
  • raising / controlling kundalini
  • symbol of sexuality
  • unify male / female world
  • harmonious balance


  • Base (Root)
  • Sacral

Tibetan Quartz



  • powerful stone of spiritual protection
  • carrying / wearing creates a bubble of light around the body allowing only positive energy to penetrate your aura
  • purifies / cleanses negative influences
  • activate / balance chakras / meridian system


  • All

Tiger Eye



  • confidence
  • strength
  • courage
  • protection
  • good luck
  • sharpens senses
  • promotes intuition
  • makes one practical / centred / grounded
  • enhances personal power
  • allows clarity
  • good judgement
  • clear perception / insight
  • aides good decision making
  • stimulate /maintain wealth


  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus

@copyright Jason J. Walton