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magic (n.) Look up magic at Dictionary.comlate 14c., “art of influencing events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces,” from Old French magique “magic, magical,” from Late Latin magice “sorcery, magic,” from Greek magike (presumably with tekhne “art”), fem. of magikos “magical,” from magos “one of the members of the learned and priestly class,” from Old Persian magush, which is possibly from PIE root *magh- “to be able, have power.”


When Magic is Dangerous!

When many people are first introduced to the idea of shifting their spiritual paradigm, there are several pitfalls that naturally present themselves.

Another article on the same subject, by “Robert Hager”

Collective => Manifestation:

The most profound of these ideas for the multitudes in Deific flux, is the idea that focus of belief and/or will, will shape the present reality, and thus the future. This simply put means that our perspective is what limits our experience. One thing I often say is, “If a person convinces a few others that they are “god” or “godlike”, they may be able to acquire followers (more on that later); If all their “followers” were to convince more that this was true, eventually all people could possibly invest their faith in a single entity, thus making this original person, a god by implication (also more on this will be coming up). This implication can be followed from idea directly into the reality of the collective perception of the universe.”

Lack of Responsibility in Actions:

Obviously a person that set out to accomplish such a goal, would generally be considered abusive in his/her acts, regardless of the possible altruism of their intent. Many practitioners of magical and spiritual disciplines will get caught up in their intent to invoke positive change without considering the real world repercussions or the possibility of alternate results, so always consider these things before acting, just as you would in the mundane activities of everyday life.

Laziness in the Face of Adversity:

I see this one quite frequently; and I call this “Immediate results, without effective effort” or lack of “Self-work”. A practitioner, has an event or obstacle that appears in their life, and instead of facing it head-on, uses their skill-set to avoid the the primary causes of their woes. An example would be; using a love spell to rekindle an intimate relationship, while committing the same actions that have caused the rift in mundane or emotional action. Magic is very much part of the natural laws of nature, but ultimately our actions speak louder than words.

Control vs Experience:

This is a situation where people get caught up in the “If I do this, this will be the result”, but ultimately are observers instead of participants. Control is an addictive presence, it sets us outside the collective and limits our experience greatly.

Belief is a Boundary:

When we set our selves a set of rules to live by, they should only limit us justly, not completely, and they should have a beneficial result. Everyone has a moral or secular compass that allows us to determine right from wrong. Only you can judge what is beneficial or harmful to you, it is your responsibility to maintain the line. If an idea contradicts what you have experienced, you should readjust your views.

Abuse by Individuals and Groups:

If you encounter someone that speaks, more than they listen, chances are that they are not paying attention to their experience, but are in fact seeking to control. If they ask you to do something that is in contrast to your conformability, chances are that it is a subject requiring more critical thought and analysis.

If an idea or association is good and doesn’t cause issue, run with it; if it isn’t, run away!

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I hope I’ve given you some things to think about, please feel free to chime in on the subjects discussed or to ask questions.

Are Tools Necessary?

The simple response to this question is no, not in most cases. A tool, is defined as, a device or instrument used to carry out a particular function. In most cases a tool is used to perform a task that either would be more difficult or impossible without it or a similar tool. That being said, sometimes tools must be used, other times they just make tasks easier. This is as true in the spiritual, mental, and magical paradigms as it is in the physical world. Lets look at some different perspectives, and how they can shape this idea further.

Robert Hager’s Article on the same subject:

Lets set the stage with a physical, everyday scenario, such as a carpenter that wants to build a simple shelter structure. He has been trained as a carpenter, he could simply make a shelter by breaking sticks and tying them together with vines, but he will choose to use tools. He could use ancient tools; he could make a level measured shelter out of timbers, with a basic fireplace made out of clay available in the ground, packing the spaces with mud to prevent drafts, complete with doors and basic furniture. He could make more precise amenities yet with basic modern hand tools, but if available, to improve efficiency would ultimately use power tools and complete an elaborate shelter in the same or even less time than the original basic shelter without any tools.

The advantage of the mental realms is that anything you may need to use as a tool can simply be visualized mentally and used accordingly. To use a physical tool allows you a relaxing luxury, but in times of need, there is no reason why the compete act cannot be performed within a visualization. I will point out that there are advantages to using tangible items to reinforce your mental paradigm, when attempting thaumaturgy, better described as physical manifestation via “will.”

Lets say that your goal is to pray to a Deity to effect change in the physical world, also known as, theurgy. Your goal is to see a person you know protected from harm by a God or Goddess. Do you think it would be the same, better, or less effective to simply pray, or to hold a symbol representative of this Deity, a picture, or even a statue? Do you think it would be more or less beneficial to make use of a symbol or object of protection in your hand while praying? A representation of that symbol or object, held in your mind?

Take the same idea when trying to bring enough money in to your life through opportunities available to you. Would you find it to be more or less effective to use representations of these opportunities being yours, or without them? Even as mental images?

What if we were to set-up entire representations of the actions we hope to have transpire in the physical world, such as crystals that have similar energies to that we wish to bring into our lives and arrange them in a grid that focuses those energies together, and make this a focal point of our will? Could not aromas of herbs, symbols, sounds or tones, symbolic acts all be used in this process? Could this not better target the intent we wish to release into the Universe? Could it not make the goal easier to successfully accomplish wish more specific results?

The conclusion that I have come to is that tools are not necessary, but they do make fine tuning intent and directing energies through will much easier and specific. Magic is not concerned with the hows so much as the whys. What do you think? Feel free to make use of the comments section to: answer any of these questions in your own words, add to the ideas presented, or ask any questions you may have?

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The Masculine and Feminine Mysteries

I have seen mention of the Sage being equal to the Crone and I want to illustrate some important differences between the women’s mysteries and that of the mens; of which I prefer to call the Masculine and Feminine Mysteries as it actually makes more sense to some.

Unlike the Maiden, Mother, Crone situation where the female actually endures sacrifice of the past stage and an eventual embrace of the next. The Masculine Mystery requires no such loss of self. When a Man moves from Boy to Man, he retains all that which he possessed as a boy with only further clarity as to how the world works; until at some point his experiences and accomplishments are the totality of his existence. The Sage carries the wisdom of self, and the community as a single group identity and how to deal with others; this includes defense of the tribe, procuring technologies, and diplomacy in foreign affairs.

When a Woman transitions from Maiden to a Mother; she becomes an entirely different person, her motivations and goals are altered in very profound ways, as is the case from Mother to Crone. By this time a woman has lived multiple lives, that have overlapped and she is a combination of the experiences of her self, as three entirely different people. as well as the lives of all of her children. and her children’s children. This is why the Crone is renowned in her quality of wisdom. She was the decider of domestic affairs, the matriarch, and a seeker of justice. The Crone is the embodiment of the tribe, clan, and coven.

While the Sage and the Crone are Equal in many ways, they have different focuses and duties to the clan and are very different in energy as well as experience. They provide a balancing effect as well as foundation for the tribe, clan, or coven.

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Land, Sky, Sea: Elements from a Druid Perspective

In most things “Druid” there are multiple vantage points in which to look at any one thing; whereas the “Classical Elements”, such as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water can be used to describe either the physical characteristics, energies, or feel of an item, and Spirit or Aether to apply to the spiritual component. Land, Sea, and Sky incorporate the spiritual as well as physical components in a different manner. Lets say we were speaking of a stream; in “Classical Elements” we would say that this is definitely the Water element and that it also has an Aether energy as well. Land, Sea, and Sky works very much in the same manner; This same stream has a form or shape that is fluid and adheres to that of its container; this would be the Land portion of the ratio. This stream also has a movement, its current, its erosion of its container, the pull or rather push of gravitational forces; this would be the Sea portion. This stream amongst the other two, has an essence, a consciousness, and experience, or perspective of its own, this is its life force as well as its Sky portion of the ratio. With the Land, Sea, Sky scenario all things are made up of ratios of these three components, no matter how much or how little, they are ever present. My personal system uses both systems together to allow a more detailed vision of nature, with Land, Sea, Sky taking on the physical, emotional, and spiritual portions into consideration equally. It allows for the addition of motivators, natural action / behavior, flow / movement, solidity / form, conscious / natural order instead of just the physical characteristics. I wouldn’t call it sterile at all when taking the different aspects all into consideration as complete.

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I have a friend who follows a Druidic path in his spiritual journey.  He is often talking about the elements in terms of these three components: land, sky, and the sea. For me it seems to be missing an element, but I wanted to understand more from where he was coming from.  There are other cultures that include other elements into their belief system. Chinese perspective has additional elements like wood and metal, many pagans who subscribe to the pentacle as a symbol include spirit as the top element of the pentacle’s point.  What is so different on this Druidic path that incorporates the entirety of the elements in only three areas?  This I needed to look into further to truly understand.

The pagan world often refers to the three worlds of the Druid path as the Celtic elements, allowing for sky to be made up of fire and air…

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What Exactly is a Grounding Cord, and Why is it Such an Important Tool For Spiritual Practitioners?

What exactly is a grounding cord, and why is it such an important tool for spiritual practitioners?  A grounding cord is a beneficial tool because it allows us to; in a very basic way, let go of excess spiritual, emotional, mental, and energetic baggage. It is a mental construct; a basic visualization, that provides a pathway for these excesses to be sent deep into the core of the Earth and recycled.

In the modern world most of us realize the great power of electricity for powering our many wonders; as well, the power of unruly electrical fields and charges to destroy them. In our homes, we have lightning rods that run down into the ground to protect us from these unforeseen occurrences. In much the same way, grounding cords perform a similar function. By visualizing a grounding cord, we can use it to mentally focus away our excess baggage in an organized and thought directed manner.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with or out of practice with visualization; it is a simple process imagining a cord running from the root chakra (Base of the spine) down into the core of earth, and using it to transport your unwanted thoughts, emotions, energies… down deep within the Earth. Grounding cords can be as big or small as you need them to be, and can be attached to not only your root, but to any object or other person, animal, place that requires grounding. This simple process will be described in the following section:

Basic Grounding Cord Exercise:

  • Drink Water (Water is a vital part of our lives, and can be thought of as mental lubrication)
  • Imagine or picture a cord starting at the root chakra, on each exhale, feel it extending further and further into the Earth until the other end reaches the core.
  • On your continued exhales, mentally push the excesses down the cord until they are also down at the core.
  • Drink Water (Replenish the body)

Now that you have tried the process, you have most likely felt the benefits first hand. You feel somehow lighter, more free, and relaxed; grounded! There you go, easy as can be. This is one of the easiest ways to ground, is one of the most basic methods for spiritual cleansing, and a foundation of meditation. Thank you, and feel free to share your thoughts and results with us.

Copyright @2016 Jason Walton


Take a plunge, down deep with me

Cold soft thoughts below the sea

Not quite formed, not quite real

Flowing forth with certain zeal


A container, a vessel

Which one of you may go?

Currents Pulling to and fro

Virgin thoughts o now be vestal


Tension of the great below

Manifesting of my soul

Waves break pebble laden shores

Kiss the sun these words are born

Copyright 2016 Jason J Walton