This Organization (Not Incorporated at this time) is an open forum for those of all Faiths to provide services to their communities and the community as a whole. There are no belief requirements, except that one believe in a higher power and respects that all have the freedom to worship as they see fit.

      We stand behind the Universal Life Church ideal that it is every person’s responsibility to act holistically, to do nothing to impinge on the rights others, and to uphold religious diversity and freedom.

      Everyone – men, women, and children from around the globe – must be able to practice their spiritual and religious beliefs without interference or threat from any government, religious, or societal force.

      If you feel as if your rights are being wrongly restricted, please e-mail webmaster@ulc.org and the Universal Life Church will do all in its power to help you.

      We are not the property of, nor is Universal Life Church responsible for our groups actions as a whole, We follow the rules set forth by them in respect to religious and spiritual freedoms and fully support their cause. Our ministers are ordained through them as our group is in full compliance with their ideals.


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