Grounding Challenge

This is an invitation to add your own elements to any grounding exercise. The most obvious being those that react with the five senses. i.e.

  • Sight (Outdoors, Pictures or Videos, Colored Water)
  • Hearing (Music, Sounds, Tones)
  • Smell (Incense, Candles, Perfume, Cologne, Flowers, Foods)
  • Taste (Foods, Mints, Gum)
  • Touch (Clothing, Jewelry)

What I want is for you to add to an existing grounding technique; anywhere from one to as many as you can think of, to it, and let me know what you added and share what your results were.

  • What did you add?
  • What senses did it interact with?
  • What were your Results? Improvement? Ease of Grounding? More or less Refreshed?

@copyright Jason J. Walton


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